Conflict as an Impediment 2021-06-04

Conflict in a team can range from simple misunderstandings to hurt feelings and personal attacks.

Most of the time, conflict provides a constructive basis for a high-performance team. In other cases, it becomes an impediment. As such, it must be removed.

Fake Cross-Functionality 2021-05-20

Imagine a team where every member can execute every task with near-perfection results. Is it nice? Is it possible?

In this article I’ll discuss Cross-Functionality and a dysfunction I call Fake Cross-Functionality.

White-Box Testing is Fragile 2021-05-11

White-box tests expose the internals of your code, instead of just the behavior. In this article I argue why this kind of testing may lead to fragile tests (the ones that break even if no bugs were introduced).

Velocity Without Direction is Speed 2021-03-18

In agile environments, velocity is commonly used to measure how much a team delivers each iteration. In this article I will relate this metric with concepts from classical mechanics, telling why you should always consider velocity towards your goals instead of going as fast as you can.

The objective of this article is not to explain what velocity is. I assume you already know this concept. If you would like a more detailed article about velocity, please let me know in the comments or any other options of contact.

Know Your Tools 2021-01-25

I usually talk a lot about the importance of understanding concepts. They are crucial as a common ground for discussion and collaboration to achieve the team’s goals.

In this article, I’ll talk about tools, telling my story on how I became dependent on Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and what I did about it.

Delivering Incrementally 2021-01-19

Agile methodologies are based on incremental and iterative product development. Just breaking the product into parts is not what you want. Each of these parts must have value: if they don’t, you are not iterating - you’re just in a disguised waterfall.

Static Dependency Injection 2021-01-09

In this article I will show you a pattern I call static dependency injection. This can be used to automatically include new functionality to a module by just creating new classes - not modifying any line of existing code.

SOLID Principles 2021-01-08

In this first article of the blog I will talk about SOLID Principles. These are principles for software development consolidated by Bob Martin. Material about them you can find it everywhere, so I’ll keep mine short.

My initial idea was to talk about some patterns I use (or thought of) to overcome design issues. To show their value, it would be nice to relate them to the SOLID principles. That’s why this first article’s subject.